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viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Accidente de Radiografía Industrial en el PERÚ

Accident in industrial radiography   ( Accidente en radiografía industrial)
12 January 2012
Peru, Chilca, Lima
INES Rating: 3

News- radiographer was taking several radiographic films to a pipes by the night. In order to be sure that the guide tube was correctly the radiographer went to the tube guide an collimator to fix them. This operation was made by 40 times. Eventually the radiographer touched with his left hand, at least 10 times, the tube guide where the source was unnoticed. Also, two auxiliar staff went to the radiographer position carrying the films to be checked at least by 40 and 20 times.

The radioactive source was 3199,5 GBq Ir-192. The event was detected at the end of job. The radiographer adviced to radioprotection officer who jointly to other operator rescued the radiactive source in safely manner. Operator showed mild symptoms as nausea and womiting and other just nausea, but after all this symptoms are finished. The finger of operator showed a blistering at the fifth day. Based in first calculations, symptoms and dosimeter reading the operator could have received 6 - 7 Gy to whole body and > 50 Gy to finger.

The other personnel could have received doses from 1 to 3 Gy. Currently the personnel is being admitted to the hospital and citogenetic dosimetry will be performed to adjust the doses.

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